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First dot Scot, now dot Wales

.scot provides individuals, organisations & businesses with the opportunity to illustrate their Scottish heritage via the World Wide Web. The much anticipated release of .scot was driven closely in line with the Scottish Independence Referendum.

.scot was released for general availability on the 23rd of September and 4,000 .scot domain names were registered by members of the public within an hour of the domain name becoming available. There were 1,500 .scot domain names snapped up in the first minute of the launch and these included:,, &

.scot is now available to register from HostLove at only £24.40 per annum – make a name for yourself today! Be quick!

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Points to Ponder Prior to Registering a Domain Name


Domain names are your way of securing an online identity; this occasionally is someone’s first opinion of your business/website. In addition, it is also important not to discourage website visits by having a ridiculously long-and-hyphenated-domain-name. This blog post aims to ensure you are prepared to register your first domain name.


Ensure you check the availability of a domain name prior to launching a business/brand name as it is essential that your online presence is seamless with a clear and consistent brand name. You can easily check the availability of domain names by clicking here.


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