Cloud vs Dedicated Servers

It can be a difficult decision for businesses when they are deciding on the type of server they require as, commonly, each individual business has unique requirements they are looking to satisfy. It is worthwhile that you spend adequate time researching the options available to ensure that you reach an appropriate conclusion.

Cloud Server

A Cloud Server is simply a cluster of virtual machines all running within the same network. These cloud servers are highly redundant and use a variety of hardware, ensuring 100% uptime and reliability. In reality all hosting providers ‘clouds’ are different, as these have been built at different times using different technologies, hardware and features.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a physical server which we would host in our state-of-the-art data centre. You are the sole user & owner of this server, all resources available within the server are available for your requirements only – there are no shared elements to this solution – this will be mirrored in the power & speed you experience with this solution.


Cloud Servers



Benefits of a Cloud Server:

  • Highly available, redundant and reliable hosting platforms.
  • Easily scalable dependant on your requirements.
  • Should one server fail, a copy of this data will be created within another virtual server environment ensuring 100% uptime and reliability.

Dedicated Servers



Benefits of a Dedicated Server:

  • All resources are dedicated to you – there are no shared elements.
  • Dedicated 100megabit port providing you with enhanced speed & power
  • High performance ensuring that your resource intensive website will run like Usain Bolt.
  • Download and run any applications or software you require.
  • Improve levels of redundancy by increasing the number of hard drives and adding RAID (redundant array of independent disks).

What type of server solution do you require?

As previously stated, this really depends on: what you are looking to host/how resource intensive this is, the level of redundancy you require, bandwidth requirements and the flexibility/scalability of resources.

Here at HostLove we are able to scale server solutions and as a result this ensures that the solution fits both your hosting requirements and budget.

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