Points to Ponder Prior to Registering a Domain Name


Domain names are your way of securing an online identity; this occasionally is someone’s first opinion of your business/website. In addition, it is also important not to discourage website visits by having a ridiculously long-and-hyphenated-domain-name. This blog post aims to ensure you are prepared to register your first domain name.


Ensure you check the availability of a domain name prior to launching a business/brand name as it is essential that your online presence is seamless with a clear and consistent brand name. You can easily check the availability of domain names by clicking here.



Does your business operate internationally? If so, then you should consider registering a .com domain extension. Alternatively, if you only operate within the United Kingdom you may want to register a .co.uk domain name (or even go that extra mile and treat yourself to the new .uk extension). There are also numerous Country Code domain names available such as .fr (France), .de (Germany) or .us (United States).


The length of a domain name also adds to the overall value. The shorter the domain the better, if yourcompany.co.uk is not available try to avoid simply purchasing yourcompanysellscars.co.uk. Bear in mind this may also be used for email purposes and you should ensure that this is kept as user-friendly as possible. 


A very simple yet useful tip, triple check that the chosen domain name is spelt correctly – registrars will not provide you with a refund simply due to an incorrectly spelt domain name – get someone else to double check this for you also.