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If you were not already aware of this – we are releasing new gTLDs every week – I know, exhausting! These domains are all very unique, so we have been asking ourselves, how responsive has the market  been to these?

Market Analysis

Market % Share


The above bar chart was updated 26th March 2013 and highlights that the 5 most popular new gTLDs are: .guru, .berlin, .photography, .tips and .today. What domain do you think will top the overall charts following the release of all domains?

 Why Choose HostLove?

Here at HostLove the majority of our packages are lower cost than our competitors and we have created the following graphs to exhibit this.

HostLove Versus Competitors (New gTLDs)

HostLove Competitor Analysis New gTLDs(All pricing is based on 1 year registration & excludes VAT)


HostLove Versus Competitors (ccTLDs & gTLDs)



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