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You have probably came across the term gTLD, in the rare occasion that you haven’t, this is an acronym for “Generic Top Level Domain Name” and this includes: .com, .org, .net and .gov. Due to the lack of available domain names within the gTLD name space, ICANN (the governing body of Domain Names) introduced New Top Level Domain Names to increase availability of domain names. Thus, they decided to introduce new Domain Names including: .London, .solutions, .digital, .finance and .club.


As previously mentioned, new top level domain names were introduced to free up domain name space and these new extensions permit easy recognition of an individual’s/businesses specialism at a quick glance, for example,


Benefits of Registering a nTLD?

There are various benefits of registering a New Top Level Domain Name such as:

  • Introduce a new website/project with a separate online identity
  • Expand your business’s/enhance online brand & presence
  • Broaden domain name authority – protect your valuable brand/trademark from competitors
  • Stand out from the crowd with a short and memorable domain name, such as .London & .UK
  • Your first and second domain preference may have already been secured by someone else using the & .com – why not secure this domain with a nTLD instead?
  • Investment purposes – you never know what it may be worth in the future!


Why Register a New Domain Name with HostLove?

In order to answer the question above, here is a little graph to illustrate our very low-costs in direct contrast to our competitors:


Competitior Analysis

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